Something unexplainable happens to you. It’s so out of the ordinary that you may file it away and tell yourself it was ”just your imagination”. Yet, as long as you live, you never completely forget that vivid experience. It is NUMINOUS!

In my final years of life, I’ve found it enlightening to remember many of my numinous experiences. And when I’ve shared them, others have related to me their own life changing or life saving adventures that are beyond their understanding. They’ve been awe-inspiring. They have increased my faith that there is much more to life than we mortals can understand with our five senses.

Come explore with me the unique kinds of guiding, protecting, calling, healing, comforting, warning, qualities (and endless more) that we can name “numinous”.

Numinous Experiences and Stories


Reaction Time

“Don’t try, just don’t let it happen again.”


Let Her Be Safe

she looked at me as if to say… “well, where have you BEEN???”

A Sign To Save

No one talked as they moved along in the rosy glow of the sunset on the water

What is YOUR Numinous Experience

Please share your numinous story