Lap The Lake

Lap The Lake

275 persons took part in Lap The Lake. They milled around, laughing and talking and greeting old friends at the 2019 fundraiser for Leukemia at Lake Atalanta, Rogers, Arkansas.

Children and youth, excited to be among the crowd, darted here and there picking up on the happy spirit of their parents. I had taken a Lyft to get there, but soon was included in Lynn and Amber Scott’s family.  Before the Walk (to help end this dreaded disease) began, we moved among groups we knew, and nodded and smiled at strangers, sidestepping lots of mothers and toddlers.  Then we walked the two miles circling the lake, delighting over the woods and wild flowers that bordered the trail along the water.

Afterward, everyone sank onto picnic benches, guzzled cold water and lemonade, with a juicy grilled hotdog or hamburger.  That’s when it happened!  A tiny little boy with a scared look and distress filling his eyes and face, threaded his way through lines of adults waiting to pick up their food.  I saw him a little after Amber did. She had already swung her legs over the bench and was headed for the child.  We watched him pull back from her in fear, tears rolling down his cheeks.  But then he reached up to her and let her pick him up. He clutched her hair and laid his head on her shoulder, thumb in his mouth.  Amazed, we waited a long while till Amber came back and told us what had happened. 

“When we were going around before the Walk and saying ‘hi’ to everyone, I saw this mother and her son,” Amber said,  “Out of all those there, I just couldn’t take my eyes off them , though I’d never seen them before.  Then, when I saw that little boy, hours later and we were clear down at the other end of the pavilion, I immediately recognized him.”

We asked her how she calmed him down. She said she just talked to him like to one of her children and he came to her.  And, when she got him back to the crowd on the other end, she easily spotted the mother. The memory of her was so strong, etched in her mind.

And it was a joyful moment for Amber when she could place that little one in a frantic mother’s arms.

Neither Amber or the mother will ever forget that experience.

Amber says her fixation on the mom and child was, for sure, a numinous experience.  What caused it?  Why did it happen?  For one thing, Amber had been alert to the sensation that caused her to see them, like in technicolor, from all the others at Lake Atlanta.  But what caused the sensation?  For sure, Amber considered it a blessing to be the one to whom the memory of the child and mother were given.


I feel the joy of it, too, don’t you? 

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