A Sign To Save

A Sign To Save

It was a peaceful late afternoon at the Santa Monica Beach in California.  Pretty Joyce Trost and her husband, Rev. Glenn Trost pumped their bikes lazily, luxuriating in time away from responsibilities and enjoying the outing with their daughter and her husband.  The ocean’s rhythmic journey- back and forth- matched their leisure peddling-up and down- along the bicycle trail.  No one talked as they moved along in the rosy glow of the sunset on the water.

Ahead, the trail wound through a tunnel under one of the piers.  They moved over in single file in order to enter the dark entrance.  At that moment, with Joyce in the lead, a cycler burst out of the tunnel, crashed into her body so hard it knocked his bike backward, righted himself and yelled curses at the very one he’d injured.  Immediately, he hunched down on his bike, peddled hard and disappeared back into the tunnel.

Stunned, Joyce sat down in the sand and the rest closed in to care for her.  Pouring water from their bottles, they bathed her face and washed away blood from some of the bruises.  They talked of getting back to where they could buy some ice.  Her daughter gave her an aspirin and Glenn spread his shirt on the sand so she could rest there a bit.

Suddenly Joyce sat up, brushed off her arms, her eyes bright:  “Just think, what if the sign hadn’t been there?  I could have been knocked way off my bike.  He might have even run over me!  But that  sign– it stopped me from falling.”

But none of the rest could remember seeing a sign. 

“Look for it,” she said confidently.  “You’ll see it.  It’s right back over there.”

But they found no sign.  To this day, Joyce remembers it vividly and is grateful.  And Glenn doesn’t discredit her.  He believes her and is grateful, too. 

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Joyce and Glenn and Don and I shared a good friendship for many years at Pilgrim Place in Claremont, California.  Glenn, a retired United Methodist Minister, was in a Men’s Share Group with Don who considers him completely trustworthy.  Joyce, a person with a contagious laugh and yet a no-nonsense approach to facts, is totally believable.  Her numinous experience resonates with reality. 

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