Let Her Be Safe

Let Her Be Safe

The experience of numinosity that I experienced happened on September 17, 2000.  We were expecting our second grandchild to be born at any time.  Our daughter-in-law and son called us at about 2 a.m. and said they needed to go to the hospital and could they drop the dog off at our house.  Of course we said yes.  The dog and I stayed downstairs for the rest of the night.  My husband had to be at church at 7:30 a.m. and I was going to the 10:30 a.m. service.  I called the hospital and all was well with no sign of any immediate arrival but they were being kept there.

I went to the church a bit early and sat in my pew quietly praying and offering up my concerns about the fact that my daughter-in-law was at that time considered to be having a geriatric pregnancy since she was near 40 and this was her first child.  Also, I had watched some dreadful hospital show where there were no reasons for the mother to die that anyone in the hospital could give but the mother had died anyway; the scenes with the husband/father hearing of his wife’s death were awful.

I was praying really intensely when all of a sudden I had a vision… my mother who had died on August 30 that year appeared in a numinous manner before me to the side of the altar and said… “Don’t worry, if they stay down there you take care of them and if they come up here I will take care of them!”  What a shock, my mouth dropped open, I think, then I sat back in the pew and felt a sense of incredible peacefulness!  Didn’t worry any more at all.  I went about my business and went to the hospital about 3:30 p.m. even though we had had no call, went into the room and my son handed me the baby and she looked at me as if to say… “well, where have you BEEN???”  And she and I have had a close relationship ever since.

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Treadwell and her husband, Henry Atkins are special friends we first met at Pilgrim Place, in Claremont, California. She impressed me with her unselfish gift of taking care of a child whose mother had to work.  Treadwell also cheered and photographed every event of our Pilgrim Pacers (Racewalkers).  I still remember a race when I was limping and barely making it.  She stepped in with a big smile and, with her by my side, I crossed the finish line and won a bronze medal!

One day I finally had the courage to ask her why she had her unusual name.  She laughed and said that among the many cousins who played at family reunions, there were several with the same first name. So, she chose her last name, Treadwell, and it stuck with her for life.

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