Category: Religious

Reaction Time

“Don’t try, just don’t let it happen again.”

Some Good Words

“You have some good words, and you need them to let them come out.”

Called To Save

What in the world was I gonna say when I appeared again at their door? I tell ‘em I got a hunch from God and they may say, “We got a hunch you’re touched in the head.” Right?

Campfire Decision

-Constance Waddell
Campfires had always been my love ever since I was a child

The REAL ID of the DMV

-Bill Moremen
All of a sudden things changed for me,
Standing in the line at the DMV.

Vision in White

– Don Waddell
I’m taking care of everything. Be well. Don’t worry.

Larry’s Crisis

– Larry Wright
a pioneer in Gerontology, lifting up the unique needs of older persons who have more chronic diseases than acute

Amazing Gifts

– Rachael Hagni
I just felt your deep distress and knew I had to call


– Larry Webster
there was a unique way to express his gratitude by using his own talents

That First Easter

– Norton Family
Something had happened. Something was unreal. We were not alone!