Category: Spiritual

Reaction Time

“Don’t try, just don’t let it happen again.”

Called To Save

What in the world was I gonna say when I appeared again at their door? I tell ‘em I got a hunch from God and they may say, “We got a hunch you’re touched in the head.” Right?

Campfire Decision

-Constance Waddell
Campfires had always been my love ever since I was a child

The REAL ID of the DMV

-Bill Moremen
All of a sudden things changed for me,
Standing in the line at the DMV.

Amazing Gifts

– Rachael Hagni
I just felt your deep distress and knew I had to call


– Larry Webster
there was a unique way to express his gratitude by using his own talents

That First Easter

– Norton Family
Something had happened. Something was unreal. We were not alone!